Station 25 days to promote P turn 8 times more than 1 times

to introduce me to the web (these words purely to like me, just make the site look, master looked don’t joke. (09) in March 9th registered domain name (xiankankan), the ICP record number in March 27th down, in April 21st began to install wordpress blog program (friend of VPS), and then publish articles. Today, just 25 days time, has uploaded 213 articles, 47 articles included Baidu, Google included 172 article, YAHOO included 11 papers, of course PR=0. below I simply a method of promotion, due to work, actually spend a short time.


1, WP Chinese official forum registered users, the article exchange Links posts, 134 people browsing, 16 replies.


came here from 19 IP.


2, exchange links through the QQ group search keywords, plus a few groups, but see the inside of the commercial too serious, dump a lot, but also a lot of advertising, because I really care about each other the content of the website, simply give up this way. If you do not care about these, I think you can get a lot of links.

3, through the search engine to find some good blog, in their home page post message. This is a good thing, because it is a blog, you can enter their own web site name, as well as the site, after the success of the speech, you can click on a direct link to their website. Now many blog a lot of people are not generally bloggers easily pay attention to replies, and visit. So you can make good friends with the webmaster, chat, then you can also exchange links.

4, in excellent site friendship link there, you can find a lot of the written application Links message, I have a look at the open web content, check the PR value, find each other QQ, this is a very easy to link a good way oh. Today, I would like to use this method for the 2 PR=3. Today, for a total of 2 PR=3, a PR=4, because I really are hard to do, and it is the original, even a lot of famous blogs I did not like this, full of freshness, they are willing to make friends with me.

5, by the way, I hung on the right side of the ad (now the company), in fact, purely for the sake of beauty, but also a few clicks oh. First look at a total of 13 links, PR=4 has a, PR=5 has one, the other basically are PR=2 and 3. Finally look at today’s IP, as of 9 o’clock pm, more than 8 times yesterday, there is no problem.