Ofo1.5 billion dollars in financing to become a unicorn after it

after the start of the track cycling, sharing redubujian.


the evening of February 9th, the "Wall Street journal" quoted informed sources related news, ofo is a new round of financing, financing amounted to US $150 million, the investor is unknown, the current round of financing ofo valuation has reached $1 billion. The ofo public relations department responsible for the history of the United States has neither admitted nor denied, the response is not clear.

this is the sixth since the establishment of ofo financing, tied competitors Mobell financing rate, at present, ofo has opened the 33 city services, and the layout of overseas has entered Silicon Valley in london. First to review the previous ofo financing.

February 1, 2016, ofo completed by Jinsha River venture capital investment led, with the investment of more than 15 million Oriental Hongdao yuan A round of financing.

April 2016, obtained by the real fund and Wang Gang (Angels) 10 million yuan A+ round of financing and other joint capital.

September 2, 2016, won the lead by the latitude and longitude of China, Jinsha River venture capital, only hunting capital with the tens of millions of dollars of investment in B round of financing.

in September 26, 2016, received tens of millions of dollars in B+ round of financing, investors, including drops travel.

October 10, 2016, completed a $130 million C round of financing, the U.S. hedge fund Coatue, Shun, CITIC Industrial Fund collar vote, Jingwei Chinese, Milner and Yuri, Jing Yuan capital drops, Jinsha River and other early investors with the cast.

"first" and "unicorn" title contention

single "to VC" shared property is becoming increasingly apparent, directly reflected in the two for the "market first" and "unicorn" name of the race.



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in February 8th, up 2016 China shared bicycle advisory issued "Market Research Report" shows, ofo with 51.2% market share ranked first, v-mobile with 40.1% share ranked second, and ofo in the city covering number is 3 times second, the amount of bicycle is 1.6 times second, brand satisfaction reached 9.4 branch.


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but only in the past day, big data monitoring platform Trustdata released data and the different. Trustdata display, by the end of 2016, v-mobile market share has reached 70%; MAU (monthly active users) has reached second more than 3 times. Daily recharge over