Website promotion in search engine

heard my course friends many times I had told the Nike Dunhill Adidas shirt with a hat to wear shorts and foot board alligator shoes story, so why choose a company to complete the construction of enterprise network and the promotion of a series of network enterprises or the electronic commerce project.?
      listen to Li Chengcheng slowly and carefully:

      I’m not is accounted for in your time; the first site optimization design is the most important content of the website should be positioned on enterprise customers, this is the most direct factor whether the site can attract you really expect visitors; therefore you must carefully to complete your website content do not have those who do not understand the so-called information technology experts do your industry and business, the site of an information specialist must strive to learn he went to planning of the industry and the nature of the enterprise, it is important to see the site to publicity or sales, if sales is required, he has extraordinary business knowledge and sales skills, these from a website is very easy to see; second carefully selected and site theme and the target often relevant keywords, ask you to write the content and key Connect your keywords; third as far as possible using the selected keywords in the content of a website, I have to remind you to pay attention to the front part of a keyword you choose to try to appear in the content of the web page will be much better; fourth the title of the website must contain you think is the most important key words, site title you would not know it. Ask the so-called "information technology experts". Fifth try to use the key words in the head tag, will help the site based on the keywords in the search results in the rankings more forward.

      I’m not going to pay you to bully those "design expert"; but this is indeed a qualified designer should know; as far as the image with a ALT tag, contains the necessary keywords in the mark; don’t let the key words of color and the background color of the same page, the search engine will think is malicious behavior (SPAM); it is best to use your own domain name and host professional, do not use the free two level domain name, so although you save a few hundred pieces, but because the name of the web site is not professional, will greatly affect the search engine ranking.

      I don’t want to let you spend money; money permitting, registered your domain name variants, in case the variation of domain name other sites using your domain name and benefit, this is what I said many times in class "enterprise domain selection" possible, will your keywords included in the the domain name, so that it can improve the search engine rankings, maybe lose a little brand, but in most cases still intact; at least two suggestions: to register the.Com international.Cn domestic two. If you care about what Chinese domain name is good; the important meaning as to register value >