How to promote community forum

the promotion of learning research results, please indicate! Thank you!! there are many online community websites, but really is able to promote the operation I believe not many, here I’ll give you some advice! I hope to help you!

create your community

1 determines the goal of creating a community. Virtual communities can be of different types, and you have to combine your own resources to set

2 the potential users group: the establishment of community before, who are you going to clear your community to target users, namely those of you interested in the content on the website, what characteristics they have, the more comprehensive consideration of the better! Analysis which is the core of users, that is the edge user /p>.The

3 determines what type: the theme of the community in a user groups, groups of the same batch of potential customers, there are many theme choice, what are the potential users of common interests interest in what? Of course, how to users of common interest of several, also can consider consists of several sub


4 of the community to promote the work. After the completion of the community must do some basic preliminary work to start the community, including notification of their friends, colleagues, such as

development and expansion of community

community can be a way to develop what Zhuang community:

1 to the community to provide value. Community organizations should provide true value for community members. For example, free e-mail, free space, you can also exchange products by integration of community organizations will promote the user self service, create value


2 to establish incentive mechanisms to form the core of the discussion group, the different communities should find suitable for their own community incentives, not recommended to follow suit!

3 culture community culture, this is very difficult, I know many people heart to scold, but no way ah, this is the most important method of word-of-mouth marketing, here I give some advice: first made in a written form of some basic behavior and social etiquette convention, secondly, actively encourage users to take the initiative to expose not good behavior.

4 ensure the stability and safety of the community, users love safe community, only the user feel to a community is very stable, will take the initiative to address the community of like-minded people told.

5 members of the organization will meet, the organization of community members will be to promote the meeting between members of the trust, and enhance the sense of belonging to community members!

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