Ten trends of network marketing

the first is the rapid growth of Internet users to promote the development of Internet marketing industry. The China plus Internet users, Internet cafes, and schools, plus work units, 160 million of Internet users is still relatively conservative data, the future is in fact a growth in the entire Internet users is more and more people, the actual Internet is a foundation of the whole network marketing, it is now a number, a is the consumption, also is the use of the Internet, in addition, reflected in their degree of trust on the Internet, is to let the network media become more and more important based media.

second is the rapid growth of small and medium-sized enterprises to promote the rapid development of network marketing. We know that the search engine has become the largest China network media, Baidu more than Sina, become the largest network Chinese advertising media, small and medium-sized enterprises have more than ten million to start using PPC search engine marketing way into the network marketing field. Brand network is also growing, but its growth rate is far smaller than the large number of SMEs based on the growth rate faster. It is concluded that the search engine is the world’s most perfect business model. Google and Baidu’s market value also reflects this point.

third, the network advertising began to integrate network marketing direction. Brand advertising is still a topic of network marketing. In China, our own statistics, last year’s network marketing industry 6 billion, of which about 4 billion from the brand light, or from these big advertisers. But these advertisers running from the original only in (English) marketing direction as the core means of communication began to Internet integration development, including marketing, including time marketing, including the promotion of their type of e-commerce site marketing, and includes offline marketing, including in-depth and combined marketing community that is more and more diversified. The core is concerned, advertisers can set up a hundred wood, the use of a variety of marketing tools, especially in an interactive manner, allowing users to participate in activities which become an increasingly important topic in the future.

fourth is the form of brand advertising advertising has begun to diversify. Just talk about the application of the media means diversity, here is talking about the diversity of advertising forms. Video ads will become the mainstream of future advertising, because the vice media standard there are still some difficulties, many side can special media advertising creative advertising according to the characteristics of some light, but it can not achieve a very good standard products for all advertisers to promote, so that video ads will there are more and more important development trend. In fact, regardless of the video is a video sharing of food, more to the traditional portal or traditional media to accelerate the process of video.

fifth is the concept of community marketing into applications, become more and more common marketing. Brand advertisers also pay more and more attention to the use of community marketing as an interactive means to strengthen the interaction with the Internet users. As we all know, from 1998, I entered the advertising industry, until now