The 7 WeChat keyword marketing 10000 fans must know

The birth of

WeChat actually hold the Tencent’s thigh, trot to catch up with sina micro-blog influence, backed by a good shade tree is WeChat, the product will give an appearance, in the promotion of Tencent strong resources easily billions of dollars of registered amount.

is a registered amount of billions of dollars of social products for network marketing people, is undoubtedly another advertising channel, micro-blog was the rise of the large nest have WeChat, it is a two-dimensional code flying season, follow the trend seems to be a small business the most love to play a game, so all walks of life have registered WeChat public the number of their fans, circle enclosure movement began, but whether individuals or businesses, are facing the same problem, how to get consumers to raise their mobile phone


actually WeChat marketing is divided into three fans class, 0-500501-10001001-10000. This has different promotion strategies on the three layer, the novice to follow up WeChat platform often can’t find, because the amount of fans what they want is to become a WeChat ran large, because only WeChat have large discount, with the commercial purpose of the operation of a micro signal will inevitably lead to unnecessary sadness, because you will consider the input-output ratio, you have a lot of youth are used in the micro signal induced by I will make money on you, the contents of the output quality will decline, and for a number of new or new business, reputation is the king of fans is a matter of course.

usually WeChat public reputation reputation and fans to upgrade the process is to go through three stages of the 7 keywords,

1, positioning

account positioning is critical, is to do a content output or the contents of the micro signal generated by the people, which is a very worthy of consideration. We take WeChat public number: yingxiaopeixun as an example, the main purpose is to share some knowledge of the network marketing platform to attract the audience, it is a help to understand the marketing knowledge of the people, so it is generally the publicity channels for marketing: Forum text, webmaster of column, IT column and the QQ group the crowd, usually a soft Wen sent to more than a dozen column, as long as your point of view has been recognized by others, so every day tens to hundreds of fans is not too difficult, the conversion rate is slower to do QQ group, the primitive accumulation of the first wave of fans through these channels, is the accumulation of 0-500 fans. The most primitive accumulation of hard, usually the novice will take the method of seeking quality not quantity, or mutual powder or powder to buy, when you used the water great marketing mode, when the false prosperity you enjoy every minute of fans soaring, you basically bid farewell to the simple, bid farewell to the achievement of a WeChat big opportunity. Is not your real audience, mutual powder ten thousand and what is the meaning?

2, content

if you can’t accumulate real 500 fans, then advise you to give up WeChat from the start. When entering the stage of 501 fans, >