know the people who make money through the nternet in Xi’an

listed below are true cases, people who make money through the Internet in Xi’an. But the money is often not our owners, ha ha, I hope to see the inspiration for everyone.

1, Taobao to make money through the seller. This group of people in Xi’an is not a few, probably more times than the webmaster. I participated in a study of Taobao University, found that many in Taobao’s treasurer does make a lot of money. One case: a girl, some disabled full-time, selling clothing in Taobao, now have to crown level, the month shipments in about 1800 or so, according to a net profit of 20 yuan, you can calculate the monthly profit of nearly 4W:


2, through Alibaba wholesale. Xi’an did well through the Alibaba, because the conditions are not, there is a comparison of cattle in Hangzhou. But there are a number of Companies in Xi’an through the list of Alibaba live very moist, is said to account for more than 60% of the total.

3, online florist sell cake. We also know ah, through the Internet to sell flowers and gifts, the whole world can be delivered, the profit is considerable. Xi’an is a well-known brand in the online selling cake cake, said business is very good! Remember, Xi’an is out of the salala.

4, online recruitment agent. If you have the source, through the network to recruit agents, and now has become a way of many famous clothing. In Xi’an, there are already more well-known manufacturers of pregnant women, specifically through online recruitment agency business. I know a friend, he had a staff of more than and 30 agents, every day through the proxy shipments of about a hundred pieces of small profits, a monthly income of 10W is not a problem.

5, make money through ebay. EBay is sure to earn money from foreigners, the Chinese characteristics of things through the network show out, you can transfer foreign exchange. There is a small light year postage at the post office on a number of million yuan a year, you guess what he can earn?

6, advertising alliance. This requires a certain network of people, Xi’an has done a lot of home advertising alliance Oh, income is a lot of it, it is estimated that we met at the meeting have seen this person.

7, do garbage station. Do a lot of stations will become a garbage king. A person who is called the X wind garbage king, made N a lot of garbage station, and later heard to buy the station, sell a few million, we all recognize forsake heresy and return to the truth, the people of


8, online sale of smuggled goods. Smuggled goods is the best selling mobile phone and notebook, I a lot of friends are buying smuggled goods notebook and mobile phone through the Internet, my IBM laptop is ah, this line in Xi’an also has some.

9, the website to go abroad. The best example is tigercool, although he does not now, but the continuation of his footsteps in Xi’an can be counted out 7, 8. It seems that this is a patent in Xi’an and other regions are rare in Xi’an so much.