Emoji why would become a marketing darling

does have effect ah

Emoji is the marketing industry and design industry to play bad thing, you must have heard. When all the companies get together to do the same thing, we have reason to ask: when this thing in the end is a fad, or may permanently alter some what.

seems, Emoji is more likely to belong to the latter.


Emoji issued a press release, Emoji is regarded as an instruction for mobile phone ordering, SONY pictures Emoji choupai movie. These can probably explain Emoji’s popularity, but companies have spent the money on the design of these expressions, the ultimate end for what


over the past year, Ford, Domino ‘s pizza and DELL and other companies have specialized in the production of facial expression package Swyft company, the introduction of the characteristics of the product expression. For example, Ford in the release of the latest car, on the Swyft on the line to express "start it!" and "drive carefully Oh!".


pictures from MobileMarketer

according to Swyft data, Ford Motor Co in September released the expression in 10 days, every day there are more than 25 thousand downloads, a total of more than 40 thousand times to be shared, the number of brand exposure reached 1 million times.

you can understand Swyft as third party keyboard input language. The expression of Swyft and WeChat package, can be used to support the most expression package type language chat tools, such as Twitter, Facebook and all kinds of social software dating. Swyft through the accumulation of background data, you can determine which Emoji is most popular, which was forwarded the most times, which triggered a virus effect, and monitor the acceptance of the brand in various social applications. The information is then fed back to large companies to determine if the product’s exposure is acceptable.

so, if the Emoji marketing and big data together to see, this thing looks like a spectrum. Of course, it’s another potential is to become a common language in the world, an expression pack to get the world’s product users. At that time, we can see the world is really flat".