The burden is too heavy do not believe their website becomes worthless personal webmaster why sadnes


two days ago, saw a diligent and full of dreams of the webmaster buddy, this time he came to Beijing, is to talk about looking for a job.

was also infatuated buddy pay, site PV was up to the million, also a team of 3, 5 people, is estimated to have had listed dream, but now almost ready to shut down the. His exclamation is that no one saw the PC site, the mobile Internet era. Most of the webmaster, did not keep up with the pace of the times, the day becomes more and more difficult.

review of the brief history of the Internet, personal webmaster is a very interesting group, is said to be in China, known as millions of army. They often do not have a high degree of education, strong interest in the Internet, the state of work day and night, and some even have a formal work, the mind always want to be something that the site. Don’t know the word "grass root" is not the webmaster created, however, the word "grassroots" must be their own first name.

most of the webmaster, in fact, stop doing a website. Have a grab Baidu keyword home page, around looking for people to exchange links to improve the PR value, in the way of the Google alliance and Baidu alliance, while the monthly income is only tens of dollars to several thousand dollars, but to have a sense of achievement. Of course, some owners also hit out of the crowd, such as Cai Wensheng, Li Xingping, et al., but it is very rare, the probability of success, not in the lottery number higher than the probability.

a few years ago, Baidu, Tencent, 360 and many other Internet giants, attaches great importance to the grassroots webmaster, expect from an army of ants gather through the webmaster alliance, often organize various activities of the party, some owners to access those buildings, some also became a small star, a sense of achievement is to be released, has become a meat and potatoes. Just after the strengthening of supervision, the site filing a lot of people toss.

the webmaster elder brothers also said that in fact, micro-blog later, a large number of owners, still holding the inherent thinking to improve the website "flow" of the micro-blog play, this way of thinking is actually OUT, micro-blog users, fast-food, the circle of friends to play, do not necessarily have the interest to click on the purpose of promotion the PC page links. There is no foundation of the site, cold joke selection, and soon have tens of thousands of fans, spike those staring at their website every day of the PV forced the webmaster.

webmaster burden is too heavy, they simply do not believe that their website is becoming more and more worthless, the voice of the brothers, represents a generation of personal distress.

fan Lu said chaos said: webmasters so, the traditional media is not so. Yesterday, I heard a magazine announced the withdrawal of the newspaper retail, I think this is actually a change in thinking. Abandon the inherent mode of thinking evaluation, so that they can be lighter, faster, perhaps the only way to survive in the new era of Internet development. The Legendary Swordsman, have to practice magic, we must first from the palace "