China YanZha network extortion paid nearly 210 thousand illegal information delete delete

news agency, June 8 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Li Xiaoyu) National Internet Information Office Chinese 8 news release, as of late May, Chinese major commercial websites were closed, the interception of illegal account nearly twenty thousand, delete illegal information of nearly 210 thousand; more than and 100 illegal websites were closed.

among them, Tencent Inc closed a total of 512 violations of public accounts, micro-blog account number 12958, delete forum illegal information of 2876.

this is the official China to carry out network extortion and paid delete posts special rectification results.

network extortion, paid delete the most important form of expression is not to give money on the press on the post, to withdraw the money on the manuscript delete posts". In China, some websites or lawless elements to carry out critical reports or "public opinion" in the name of someone to local government agencies and enterprises for "sponsorship fee", "cooperation", has become the industry unspoken rule.

At the beginning of

2015, the National Network letter office, the Ministry of industry and other departments jointly launched for the network extortion and paid delete posts unprecedented intensity of special rectification action. This action is divided into two levels, one is for the news sites, commercial sites, illegal sites, social networking accounts and network public relations company to carry out, for half a year; two is designed for network information departments at all levels and network development team, for a period of 3 months.

"network extortion and delete posts paid" special rectification work coordination group office official said that the special rectification actions in addition to the corresponding penalties for illegal sites, illegal records database set up a web site and account of illegal behavior database, major case library, the staff, and the "black network credit list". If the site or practitioners have illegal behavior, will be recorded. Currently, the construction of these mechanisms are continuing to promote.

, the official said, is studying the development of relevant work system, to publish, delete and other ways to deal with online information behavior norms. At the same time, but also to improve a series of dare not rot, not rot, do not want to rot, the work system, fundamentally eliminate the existence of network extortion and paid delete posts exist.