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1 express delivery company more than the Spring Festival: return to normal a week or so

New Year’s eve online shopping clothes, get to this morning, the courier can be so slow! "Yesterday morning, Guangzhou Miss Xu just express to get slower than usual, more than half. The snake spring festival, with a large number of courier timely rework, "Guangzhou express shortage" situation eased, many courier companies and warehouse explosion scene due to the backlog of mail, express recently delivered holiday backlog.

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express delivery of the Spring Festival: more than a week to return to normal

2 marriage website mobile life and death Bureau: the industry’s first three PC end traffic collective decline

on the top three domestic dating sites, the PC terminal business is much faster than the speed of their decline in the layout of the mobile Internet and the rise of speed.

Internet traffic monitoring agency Alexa data show that on behalf of Jiayuan, Lily network and make network the three domestic dating sites, its global ranking in the past three months were 500-1000 about serious decline. The point of view, the domestic business model has been married at the end of the PC encounter significant difficulties, so the speed of the mobile internet almost related to its future life and death.

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dating site mobile life and death Bureau: the industry’s first three PC traffic collective decline

The acquisition of

Jiayuan dating website "absolute 100" domain name

The traditional

mode bottlenecks three dating sites into deep

Housing rental site

3 into the "new" first opened this year in the capital market financing

housing rental website took the lead in opening up the domestic Internet financing market this year.

2013 in the initial, the domestic home rental site road home network, ants short rent, pig short rent have announced the acquisition of financing. Among them, the way home network completed two rounds of financing amounted to 400 million yuan in a year. The ganji.com spin off ants short rent also including Sequoia, blue Chi and other tens of millions of dollars of financing.

in addition, there are rumors that Alibaba is also considering the spin off Taobao independent tourism financing. However, the news has not been confirmed Ali official.

is still in the financing of the winter period, layoffs continued domestic electricity supplier, buy, etc., housing rental sites are being touted capital.

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Housing rental site

become the capital of the "new" first opened this year in the financing market

4 line of the city’s electricity supplier samples: in 2013 the size of the various places to fight

this paper describes the development of e-commerce in three cities, trying to reflect the rapid development of e-commerce in a second tier cities outside the market