Sina blog as an example of those who use the ultimate promotion

now is not difficult to do, start is very low, but it is a website promotion so many webmaster headache, in fact, website promotion started is very low, but it can really keep not many people. Do website promotion in any way used in the extreme, so basically your website promotion even very successful, will bring a lot of traffic to the site. I this article only take a lot of people familiar with the blog promotion to talk about, perhaps a lot of people not to regard it as right, also perhaps a lot of people sniff at, but if you really can do as I said the following, I believe that your site on the way a kind of promotion to bring many flow, but you did not stick to it the courage to take the trend of my shopping network ( to say a few strides of the blog promotion. Here third party blog Sina blog as an example.

a, registered 5 Sina blog

Sina blog every day allows an IP registered amount is fixed, generally every day can only be registered 30, this is what I got through the experiment results, that we don’t need to register so much, 5 is enough, these blogs are actually for our later website keywords ranking to prepare, rather than simply to a message or blog to promote the most primitive way. So the registration of these 5 Sina blog do not pay attention to what?. Have any meaning not associated between the 5 blog first registered user name, such as "I to the trend of shopping" to register a Sina blog, then not to "campus shopping" or "College shopping" registered another blog, because they still more or less relation with shopping, will be considered malicious Sina registered, or pure advertising in order to register a blog, we can register a blog with a "fashion", or other related names to shopping and not registered, this is we must pay attention to the registration stage, many people think that can be registered, this is not the case, to the latter, a certain period go to register in this way.

two, blog personal information to fill in

many webmaster do blog promotion, love registered hundreds of blogs, then crazy to others blog with friends, messages and so on, but this is only the most primitive way, I do not deny that this is not good, I have already said, in any way achieve the ultimate success is. I have a friend, once a day to the forum issued 200 stickers, made a continuous 2 months, but also to do the site traffic up, he can, but I do not know how many people can stick to it. Return to the blog registration, must fill out a detailed information on the personal information, including a lot of optional information, fill in the personal information of the more detailed, more will not be considered cheating or AD, but also to upload images, in short, is to give people a sense that this blog is that you recognize really do not send advertising camp. And to do so after a lot of blog visits, sina will not be your blog, if you are purely for the promotion and promotion, then you can not guarantee the day of your blog will be >