The inspiration of the letter input method

today, a friend asked me on the Internet is now a fire of a profitable project – enter the letter to make money, saying that as long as the computer, enter the letter will be able to make money. What is the reason? Who do network operations people know, others pay people to do, there must be violent, then this "benefit" from? — Baidu to hn2h space and QQ space from two large space. These two spaces have a column – the latest visitors, click on the visitors will enter the name of the visitor’s space, that is, the visitor’s space on a IP, to the flow. Hypothesis: the owner of the space in a day on the 100 thousand space, then his space has a potential of 100 thousand IP. It is human nature to return. Can one day be able to step on 100 thousand space? Even if that is not too tired?…… Or the question and the story:

a, you can see the infrared with the naked eye, of course, the answer is negative, you can see with infrared glasses. From which we know: 1, the existence of infrared; 2, see him need tools.

two, the same mountain climbing, we can choose a variety of ways. First, walk; second, take a cable car. If you need a day to walk, take a cable car maybe 1 hours to. This is the value of the tool, and the ability to have nothing to do.

yes, with tools, tools to step on other people’s space is not tired. Now the market automatically step on QQ space, Baidu space software is very popular, most of them are raised by the wind. This software free version has a characteristic, it is every step on a space, it will pop up a visa box, need to enter the visa code — that is unnecessary to enter letters, not to mind taking the trouble for the network operator, the master toil is too tired, too not worth oneself to do. The pursuit of the highest return is always the pursuit of the master. So, they ask people to do, each input 10 thousand visa code to $40. This is the origin of the letter input money. But most Internet users, the network is not clear, so it really make money, it is a good pool of money on the project, in fact, to give people a job.

as the network operators, it is impossible for us to do this to make money input entering the higher do, but this method tells us: the necessary investment is needed to create greater wealth. Many novice very afraid to invest in the network, think that with no reality whatever. Is the network is abstract for most people, there will be great profit space, everyone to understand, like the same network market, we should also change. Careful friends will find that hn2h has been to buy advertising, which is investment. How to use advertising, look at each extension……