Under the new regulations soft marketing from where to start

in the field of marketing, marketing has become a force of a trend which cannot be halted. Compared with the traditional marketing methods, soft Wen marketing effect faster, lower cost and faster publicity effect!

but since September 1st of this year, the Interim Measures for the management of Internet advertising officially started. The "Interim Measures" clearly stipulates that those on the Internet (including WeChat, micro-blog) ads are marked "advertisement" two words, not only the offenders will be subject to administrative penalties, will also face a maximum fine of $100 thousand. This is China’s first regulations specifically regulate Internet advertising.

in this way, the super high valuation of the contents of entrepreneurs, from the media, network, and "red Joker", "Gu Ye", "Mi Meng" is estimated to be a little worried.

it is clear that those on the Internet (including portals, e-commerce platform, search engines, forums, media, blog, micro-blog, WeChat and so on), with text, pictures, audio, video or other forms, directly or indirectly sell goods or services for commercial advertising (advertising push each other too). Are marked "advertisement" of the word, if not marked, that is "illegal", is to be invited to tea


marked the ad article, there are many people go to see? So, what should we do in the future?

The so-called

soft, of course is to implant advertisement in the ads must not be directly implanted with, that will only make the readers feel disgusted to see the opportunity, seize every opportunity, let the reader naturally think this advertisement is a part of the.

so, because they know you are advertising, can not help but look down. Don’t stand in the perspective of the author to write text, but to stand in the angle of the readers see soft Wen, if your target audience is 90, then the text style is too serious, I am afraid it is difficult to resonate pedantic.

Super soft

as a few hundred words and ten images, the authors need to step by step or rational or emotional audience into the story in the context of their own good fashion and art story, through continuous question, answer, let the reader in the story logic strong imperceptibly has put down psychological defense, immersed in his passion for fashion gossip or western art gallery. In the end, then to promote the brand, ripe.

from selective psychology, "generally speaking, people are accustomed to receiving those consistent with their own views or their need to be concerned about the information, to the exclusion of those with their own views conflict or you are not interested in information". Not only this "fashion" and "art" two topics, food, movies, games, drama and so on, as long as the audience is interested in the topic can learn a similar promotion of soft wen. Because they are interested in the content, although the audience is still known to promote click browse.