Winning methods of website promotion

these days, the promotion of the network on the line, I am very distressed, very confused, looking for a better way. In the online search a lot of ways to promote the line. I understand a truth: the line not only is main page, sweep the office, community, media, but also to occupy the commanding heights of life information.

has a very deep impression on me, "if there is a media friend to help you, the entire media are helping you". Under the line to close to the people’s livelihood, but also to meet the media appetite. Planning a good topic of concern, often can quickly let the site rooted in people’s hearts.

through their own I want to talk about their keenly aware of, views about offline promotion.

a forum on the proposed (


we can increase some sectors, such as city dating, urban life, people club, emotional online etc.. We can recruit some part-time staff to do our moderator. The object is mainly in school students.

they spend more time on the Internet every day, and have a strong desire for knowledge and passion for new things. They have their own circle of friends, you can quickly spread out their own forum. This will not only allow the forum to bring a lot of popularity, but also conducive to the spread of the site.

many students may not have how many find talent demand, but they are a group of highly infectious. They can take our concept of "life difficult problem, people on the network spread to regular Internet parents, indirect pull to the customers for the company.

we can find other more famous forum moderators to do part-time, use their experience to bring us the popular forum.

two and traditional media sharing resources

and Dahe newspaper, the Oriental Daily News, business daily, evening news, city news, Asia Pacific and other newspaper companies joint, let them in the newspaper to publicize our website, we give them free classification information. We can discuss the specific way. It is best to be able to advertise our site on the home page, including the URL and a brief introduction.

three to pay a number of local newspapers, radio reporter friends and some well-known website promotion staff

we only through full communication with local reporters and friends, to be able to use the first time hot speculation, the site quickly spread. We can set up a planning group, the more sensitive life found in special reports, and then to each big media reporter, they broke the news, or write an article to be in the past. This will not only promote the site, but also to reduce the cost of publicity.

some time ago in the river newspaper, the East today reported a fire is a cottage version of Wei Fan, as long as he appears, you can report. Very hot. We can also invite