Text reproduced on the web site promotion experience

  on the website promotion experience (see reprint, it is worth learning)
      whether the site has the value of the key is to see whether it can meet the specific aspects of the needs of visitors.
If a site does not have any place to attract people, so no matter how publicity is of no avail, even if the

less choice.
    preparation of website promotion]

1: get a good domain name.

          1 as far as possible in less than 5 digits (inclusive), of course, not necessarily, anyway, to allow users to remember. Such as http://s.52173.com (see individual)
          2 as far as possible with.Com domain name. Search ranking feel better. Especially in Google is particularly evident.
          3 I point of view: to do the best to use Chinese Pinyin register, do not ask why. Look at Baidu (baidu.com) is a good proof.
          4 domain name security, it is best to choose some of the authority of the Registrar, do not register in the agency, where the agency is very bad registration, here is not a detailed discussion.
          5 good domain name or domain name registration is best for more than 3 years, because when Baidu grilled formal standing hair, will look at these data, he will think you will soon change…

2. site space is very important

    1, open speed slow, will lose more than 50% of the flow;
    2, don’t hang the window, the window code is stronger, the lower PV.
    3; don’t let search engine feel your website is very slow, it is a lot of work, not so much time waiting for you; (is also important to the user experience)
    4 space choice: my rule is: 2000IP 10000IP VPS virtual host, host server, 10000.