Master the four strokes make you soft smoothly

believes that many webmaster have had this experience: hard to write soft Wen, to contribute the target a blog or website has been rejected. The effort was unable to pass the audit, the most distressing. I often write soft Wen, in A5, Chinaz published a number of articles, which have been deleted experience. Later, I went through the constant exploration, the soft writing should pay attention to a few problems to do a summary, and now do with the webmaster exchange:

research objective blog

many webmaster in the contribution of panic without chapter, soft text after writing a random throw, often won’t succeed. Maybe your article is very good, but because it does not meet the requirements of the blog to contribute to the style and content, such as inappropriate. This requires all the webmaster in soft Wen contribution, before the research target blog style, such as what kind of article is easy to recommend, which kind of article click rate higher.

in the case of A5, at the time of submission will have many columns for membership selection, interview, experience such as webmaster and Internet, so in the submission time to distinguish his soft, which belong to the area, and whether this section of the style and content match, pay attention to the possibility of being approved, the only.

don’t bring too many links

hair soft, the general purpose is to get more traffic for their own web site, then join their links is the most direct method. I worked in over personnel recruitment network, at the beginning of the text is often in the article to join over personnel recruitment network links, but there are almost no approved.

later, the author concluded that, even if the webmaster network to provide you with a free way to release the soft Wen, but to join too many links is bound to cause resentment of its editors. It is not appropriate to use a public platform as an advertising agency. May be appropriate to add, but too many links will inevitably lead to your article was rejected.

article to have professional

soft Wen for doping soft advertising articles, but if the advertising intention to write too obvious, the content is simply in order to cooperate with advertising, then it is difficult to pass the audit. According to my understanding of the recent period, in general, a professional strong, readable articles tend to be quickly passed by the audit, and there will be a high amount of reprint. On the contrary, if a soft Wen, the advertising intention is too obvious, the content is not professional, the article has a clear guide to the point of view, or too many mistakes in the article will be led to delete.

in the last month wrote an article on the over personnel recruitment network, "small and medium-sized websites: online and offline promotion" who is the Lord who assisted, not only was quickly passed, and reprint volume is very considerable. The author analyzes the reason that the content of the article is professional and readable, can let the reader in the process of reading some knowledge, harvest.

avoid speculation, avoid verbal intense

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