KingCMS use paste network marketing model for passive sales

passive sales, there is no interpretation of the encyclopedia, the author wants to interpret it as a waiting to come to consult the class of product sales model. This kind of product is often rare goods or large amount of goods, such as paintings, houses, ancient coins, domain name, appreciate it naturally to buy.

Baidu know these platforms, suitable for the promotion of more urgent needs of the product, the user needs to want to be resolved within a day, most of these needs are to provide local services. This chapter refers to the post bar is a platform for Baidu platform, specifically around a topic to establish a list of topics, so that people who are interested to come together to discuss a topic. Like Li Yuchun, most of the super girl Li Yuchun fans to interact in some areas such as Post Bar, then, discussed the KingCMS in the local portal version of the relevant promotion articles, such as Hunchun, Hunchun people are gathered at the top, an area of Post Bar indirectly see the city’s network popularization.

passive sales of products are more suitable for the post bar this platform for sale. Take pictures of this demand, Baidu know promotion is "ready to buy a XX painting to Grandpa’s birthday, who have please contact", if Baidu Post Bar is "transfer XX a pair of calligraphy and painting". From this example, you can know the difference between Baidu and stick it, the former is more urgent transaction, while the latter is partial to find the right seller.


Post Bar passive products sales promotion celebrity calligraphy and painting operation

if A painting and Calligraphy Institute wants to promote its collection of celebrity calligraphy and painting. Select Baidu post bar operation simple process is as follows:

1, the classification of the Institute’s collection of calligraphy and painting;

2, chosen from each representative works, attach the watermark ads in calligraphy and painting below


, 3 of these representative works include the text, introduces the background and creative writing analysis of calligraphy and painting;

4, with advertising watermark and introduced to Post Bar in calligraphy.

watermark advertising means to mark the text or illustrations on the picture, so as to achieve the purpose of publicity. This process is a key factor, the appreciation is a priority, sales for the second; two is the watermark advertisement pictures to clarity and does not affect the degree of appreciation, such as "the book of paintings by XX, Tel: XXX"; three is sent to the corresponding Post Bar.

stick to promote the use of names and related product operation profile

1, to promote the stars through the clothing

to join in the Taobao shop to do personalized costume design, specifically designed to imitate the style of clothing worn by the stars. Such as Li Bingbing in a certain event to wear a dress, then you can post in the Li Bingbing post asked "how can you buy this dress Li Bingbing wear?".

then, to replace the ID to answer this question, put their own Taobao store link up. This completes a very self