Operators will stand up and enter the ranks of the knowledge economy

When the

in 2012, I do website operation 108 community, made a slogan: Punch Product Manager, kicking the network editor. Annoy a lot of people. Some product manager is not too happy, you said a grass root operation, Mao said the manager qualification of our products; and some network editor is so small that we state, being bullied into this, you also worked as editor, why are we playing.


two positions, obviously a very different attitude, a publicity, a crying room. But I was really into an operator.

Why did

mention this slogan?

I was out and out is a web series, "kicking the net" is more for his inspirational; and "fist product", is jealous, because when the product manager when the salary is gone. To what extent: if my salary is Guo Jingming, the product manager’s salary is Yao Ming. So, I pity the network series, "envy" products.

at that time, the net has been declining, but still are young, aristocratic temperament, overlooking the world, and no operation, identity.

I’m going to talk about my experience.


when I was a student, I was deeply influenced by the ideology of Taiwan. After graduation has been sharpened his head into the advertising company to drill, wall for half a year, had to spread the book series. This is the book of the years, let me find the original editor of the day is also very beautiful. I like the feeling of making books, I finally found the point of my career.

Is a live

but toil bianshu, body tired brain, overtime is common, must find a book in the multitude of information architecture, I call directory for the sewing line, this line can be scattered into a local content on the book stand, the price of 5 yuan. For example, "from" management "China tactics communication" etc.. Do have a quarter, the monthly 1 books, high strength finally can not stand the brain, coupled with the book’s colleagues are female, a male under my editor, shy, simply to experience humanity as sales.

but still memorable editor post. Finally in 2008 into the Internet and then picked up the network career.

to do a network of a period of time, I found how the network and moving bricks so like, to the network compiled a nickname: CV Engineer (Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V). Every day the move, the article is not happy. The leadership over sympathetic, always leave a word: Han Li, you have worked hard. Every time, my heart was pounding, waiting for the leader to say that the heart of the text, the leadership turned away, not below.

I was very eager to let this sentence into "Han Li, you hard, and immediately give you a raise". However, eggs, because in the eyes of the leadership, I have already become a catch station software. His sentence >