A picture to understand the 400 billion pan entertainment investment market platform and content is

Abstract: the network literature platform, the music platform, the cartoon platform, the video platform, the live broadcast platform have already formed the relatively stable giant pattern. Platform competition, on the one hand from the flow, on the other hand from the content. This is why the flow of more and more expensive, the bargaining power of the increasingly strong reasons.

pan entertainment currently in the first and two markets are subject to widespread concern, but also the focus of the direction of the team’s investment direction. Due to the connotation and extension of Pan entertainment are very broad, the content can be written in the form of the industry is divided into text, audio, pictures, videos, such as correspondence, such as literature, sound, cartoons, videos, etc.. The author of the team to invest and focus on hand travel, film and television drama, brokerage firms, variety show, line performances, network literature platform or company. According to the first-hand information on all aspects of the whole industry briefly, the overall bias level of internet entertainment market investment, mainly is the self up investment logic industry for memo.


network literature

The core business model of


The so-called

network literature, is the network as the carrier and published literary works, which itself does not have a clear limit. It can be seen that the network literature is accompanied by the development of the Internet, but also experienced a process of exploration from scratch, from the beginning of a small number of reading channels to the development of a large number of reading platform. The core business model of network literature platform is brought together a wide range of readers, provide reading and advertising as a profit model, and pay royalties to network writer, while digging out the high quality IP. According to the latest 2016 network writer list, Tang three little 110 million royalty income reached, with billions of dollars of revenue became the first network writing writer.

segment of the industry inside a typical company:

reading group is the industry leader, by the Tencent Shanda literature literature and merger in 2015, after the integration of the Tencent, including QQ, the Chinese reading network, clouds college, as well as the starting point of Shanda literature Chinese, Xiaoxiang College, Hongxiutianxiang, reading novels etc.. The group’s overall revenue of about 2 billion yuan a year, the absolute industry giants, that the original industry and the second eldest brother merged into a new boss. Under the new situation, has been listed on the gem of the Chinese online is the second oldest profession, the annual income of about 400 million yuan, while the youngest position roughly for Baidu literature.

development direction and investment opportunities:

network literature after more than and 10 years of development, has entered a mature period, the industry has also formed a giant. Tencent, Shanda, Chinese online, Baidu as a platform for enterprises, will increase the integration and investment of the end of the content, incubation or acquisition of high-quality IP, and practice effective IP realizable path. The core business model of the music industry segments:

the music industry itself is a long history and traditional industry, record, copyright and performance collection >