Split network economy red short video platform how much opportunity

Papi sauce fire, the pure color value is not high the woman in the video, Taiwan Shanghai falsetto cavity, cavity, and English has reached 1 million 200 thousand, the number of fans in the United States took a few months, WeChat public number powder 4 million, almost every WeChat reading quantity can reach 100 thousand +. Under the miracle of all kinds of short bursts of red blood, some people shouted, open the door to open the network economy red, short video platform will become a new outlet.


short video explosion of red, creating numerous emerging network behind the red, hard to conceal its content of continuous output. The spread of the short video social network for depth dependent, and a short video content directly realized difficult, causing the red after fame have another way, a short video platform become the entrance network economy red.

complete business logic, it should be a short video powder – social networking precipitation – Live realized, the future or will face the whole industry chain integration from the giants. Short video platform and deep single field, or you can get on the giants before the completion of their own commercial closed-loop.

short video is just a new entrance to the network economy red

short video mode quickly became popular in the social field, and even become a representative of the new network red economy, nothing more than two reasons:

first, short video is the most efficient way to suck the social network

the first social platform, the information carrier is a text.

generation of social platform, the information carrier is sound, image.

and now, the short video as an information carrier, you can carry the language text, images, sound, action demonstration, almost all forms of information. A well crafted short video that covers all the information elements that you want to focus on when you want to know you. Thus, it takes only a minute, which is the spirit of the user’s most concentrated, the most efficient time to identify social segments, the user can complete the key social judgment whether the powder TA.

short video is undoubtedly the most efficient way to suck the social network. What’s more, there is a short video transmission IP lossless attribute — text can steal text, images can be pirates, but short video IP is not directly stolen. This is also a short video mode for producers, in terms of social applications are very superior advantages.

second, short video production threshold has been reduced to a minimum of

products in the dogs learn from each other in the process of short video platform almost all mainstream, beauty shot, second shot, and even sing, are integrated with the most basic retouching, filters, effects, splicing function. As long as there is a good creative inspiration, no technical and design background, an ordinary person can make very good short video.

efficient suction powder, the threshold is very low, which is the reason for the short video by the so-called content entrepreneurs sought after, but the fire is also questioned the death of death.

an excellent short video can quickly make a person red, but a net red, the need for continuous content output >