6 big brother they all have what skills


China rise of some electricity supplier chiefs, gameplay is different, but the bigwigs have special skills, so that the rapid rise of electronic business platform.

1, ma – Forum + to push the B2B play, Taobao’s free


began to engage in the Internet, but the Alibaba’s fortune in this is from door to door to push the team and the forum began, Ma often experience importance in terms of B2B, then the exercise for iron from door promotion, including tea shops, clothing stores are for other Internet, cultivate the first net business Chinese, for iron also created a number of Ali executives said the difficult working environment makes many people uncomfortable.

started when Taobao began to second-hand goods based eBay eBay has control of the domestic business transaction, but eBay has been played by eBay occupation managers, rules like American eBay, both parties can not meet in the mechanism, but also accept the Commission, Taobao is all free, allowing both sides to meet the transaction (at the time to second-hand goods, mainly) has also developed a want to let everyone online communication, in the 06 year and beyond eBay eBay, then the latter forced transformation.

2, Liu Qiangdong – a bet on a price war and resigned as engage in distribution

Liu Qiangdong from the beginning of 08 years, has been developing in the huge loss, the crisis has also been with Saif and Foxconn talk about financing, because the price war has been hit 3C, thick black silly low margin varieties for Jingdong sustained huge losses, so Liu HUAFA early, under great pressure, has also been Suning Gome the dish is too small and ridiculed, because of a loss, but Liu Qiangdong has been in the low margin can be on an equal footing with the opponent stride forward singing militant songs, until the volume, and threaten each other’s survival, profitability is difficult, first, to expand the scale.

because the third party distribution suck, as early as 08 years of Jingdong will try to self distribution, also let the country set off a questioning voice, burn the distribution value where? Liu Qiangdong continued in the logistics of large investment, including Asia one plan and distribution system, has now become the core competitiveness of the Jingdong, later a No. shop, fast and easy net to follow suit.

3, Shen Ya – the traditional clothing sale business

Shen Ya is a traditional business, and not the original clothing business, many people think that he is able to lead vip.com, but it is because they do not understand the marketing and promotion, let Shen Ya are concentrated in the clothing sale in the supply chain, to establish a reliable buyer, looking for good and cheap products, then continuously through the logistics optimization to reduce the cost, the optimization of supply chain sale is hand-made, vip.com is not the most had been optimistic about the sale site, but really the electricity supplier as a business to do and do the best.

4, Chen ou – for his endorsement of the copy and spread

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