How to stop smoking

do not know how many of China’s smoking has not smoked, I was one of them, just ten years of age.

smoking is bad, All the world knows., I will not say here; when it comes to the benefits of smoking, I prefer to say, it has been said that smoking is a means of communication, regardless of tobacco, the communication will be send to send out smoke, drink, talk about things, but now it is only yourself a reason for smoking, smoking and smoking and what is the difference? Experts say people who smoke will be short-lived, smoking people would say, smoking a lot of also can live to eight years old with a high ability to customize ~ ten years old, how say? We Wei ovo chairman and grandpa Deng is not often a cigarette smoking might think of state affairs, but also bring inspiration? This is the benefits of smoking.

No matter what are the benefits of smoking in

, just give yourself excuses, I believe that many owners a lot of people want to quit smoking, but not just; two or three years ago, I have to say to yourself, exhaust this one I don’t smoke, and smoking for two or three years or the results of


today I talk about how to successfully quit smoking:

first, my personal understanding of what smoking isn’t good, what is not bad, just a heart addiction, smoking must depend on personal willpower, what method will not work, if the concentration is not enough, eat like a white smoke, going into rehab if the person can turn over, come out again together with the 99.9% people to eat white, again many times I quit addiction, because can’t stand friends again smoking addiction, so if you think your lack of willpower, don’t quit, quit smoking more and more.

then, I quit the biggest merit due to my wife, the wife did not support and urge, I think it is very difficult for me to quit smoking friends said that I was afraid of his wife, is not afraid of this thing is not afraid, smoking is certainly a good thing, even if you are not afraid of death, but also think about second-hand smoke wife. Don’t think about their physical and mental health for the wife to think, even if the wife quit smoking, this is a good reason.

third, and determined the adequate reason you cannot quit, should go to a chest hospital, there lay a lot of lung cancer patients, most of lung cancer patients with smoking even if never mind, should also have a relationship with the second-hand smoke, see their pain, you should not smoke any more; experts say smoking, there is a direct relationship with cancer, but the number of people who smoke will believe? Believe how many people will quit smoking? How many people can succeed?

fourth, far away from cigarette smoking cessation during the scene, I saw someone smoking I’ll go away around, lest I smoke again; and sometimes even see movies with smoking, can also cause my heart addiction, simply do not look at the film and television, anyway, smoking, almost cut off contact with the outside world.

fifth, ready for chewing gum and