Whether the birth of the next 35 billion valuation of nstagram

as a foreign photo social originator Instagram, the valuation of up to $35 billion, but did not appear in the domestic similar products, after all to the image of social products crashed, have turned to the field of live.

recently, a panoramic picture of APP social product is A new force suddenly rises. line less than a year, at the time, has recently exceeded 30 million downloads, and into the app store before the 100, in the whole social field seem to be on the decline of the moment, the inverse potential growth beyond all expectations of strong panorama.

panoramic APP A new force suddenly rises. can have the opportunity to become the next Instagram? From the analysis of several objective environment.

first, the picture is still just social needs, domestic products are not very good to meet

Instagram then the rise of the domestic Internet Co, in fact, already brainer, the platform will have social picture as a key, continue to design various functions to stimulate users to use picture upload function, for example WeChat users in the circle of friends, WeChat and even the default hidden in the circle of friends "single text" function, comprehensive encouragement users publish pictures.

of course the social opportunities not only belong to a large platform, a small platform also has the opportunity to counter attack, the two most popular products that were nice and in, but not the biggest characteristic of such products is the picture, but the brand with the combination of pictures, will be playing tag in the image, to achieve the user for psychological characteristics brand show.

Although the

in the tuyere period caused no small sensation, but it turned out that this demand too niche, and can not meet the needs of the general public, and under the long-term suffering, and finally look forward to the broadcast outlet, so these products also have to live with.

a word, the big platform does not cover all the opportunities, but also did not seize the opportunity of a small platform, and constantly lost in the form, but not in the content of precipitation.

two, why panoramic APP under the background of sudden counter attack

and in all that social picture should now catch up with It is all up with, live air when a panoramic picture of social APP pure products have emerged from the counter attack potential, launched in December 2015 has maintained strong growth momentum, and has already reached 30 million downloads.

but for the panoramic CEO Lu Cheng, to achieve these results is not an accident, because the panorama has a congenital advantage in all aspects.

1) massive genuine picture content

In addition to making social

panorama in the mobile terminal, the terminal or PC pictures of the supplier, hoarding the genuine content massive after integration of the world’s top 300 picture agencies, signing 100 thousand photographers, there are millions of high-quality image content.