Key do site optimization understanding of site saturation

site element saturation can promote the weight, but here the requirements of various elements of a web site is a natural growth, rather than to implement actions by Shanghai dragon black hat technology. Following with the straight Dennis together to learn about website saturation in website optimization

we do daily optimization work is one of the site:URL, but we also often I find such a situation, the content of it before the release has been included in the search engine, but the show is still not included in the data changes. This is actually related to the content included saturation problem. read more

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The Spring Festival as the best time of website optimization overtaking

high quality content is based on the search engine, search engine will not be able to attract and retain more customers without content. From the new year’s Eve to people, the vast majority of companies are on vacation, owners are busy Chinese New year. If the search spider anthropomorphic, then who cares about his feelings? If we can still unremittingly this time, daily updated website, enrich the quality of the original to the site, will undoubtedly in the cold winter to search the spider to warm. The search engine must be timely feedback to update the snapshot and ranking rising. read more

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Website optimization how to break through the self rookie

first, whether the web based codes and tags need to understand. We know that many people start Daniel always stressed the need to optimize learning some basic programming language, as a rookie whether to learn, we analysis to understand, website optimization is for the site, and more specifically for web label or code, as a webmaster all day and website do you say you don’t know the basics of learning website, not Shanghai dragon can do it, I believe that HTML is a part of Shanghai Longfeng indispensable, keywords layout, strategy adjustment cannot do without HTML, many modification and adjustment of website production can also be used with HTML, so before we optimize learning, not to school website construction based on knowledge, for the optimization in learning is the icing on the cake. read more

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The Adsense must read the rulesTaobao customers make money model touted as an important way to start

      5, according to the advertising content, positioning your site to choose, if your site has a long-term development goals, then you will have to choose some good advertising alliance to do, because now some websites in order to improve the flow of some colored advertising let the webmaster to promote this will affect the image of the website, the website is not equal to the long-term development.

August 16th, with Big Ali open strategic layout as the background of the Taobao alliance inaugural Adsense conference will be held in Beijing. It is reported, this stationmaster general meeting "the meeting of martial arts general meeting is in the world", it is with martial arts culture as carrier, will roll out alliance and small and medium-sized stationmaster grow together, open the brand-new business model of collaboration. The conference began in 2011 August and lasted for six months to December. It has been launched in 8 major cities in the country, namely, Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan, Xiamen, Qingdao, Xi’an, Chengdu and Hangzhou. During the period, will also be held ‘who’ commercial competition activities, for the first time in the webmaster group, through online auditions, martial arts assembly judges comments, players PK, for one million yuan growth fund jointly set up by 6 big sellers, thereby mining excellent promotion mode and webmaster. read more

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Love Shanghai search picture indicates the logo graphic combination Era

makes some graphic combination of effective content more efficient display to the user, in addition to the Shanghai dragon who is also a very important point, is that if you can picture you the hint button to increase the content of exposure. It is more able to capture the attention of the user, the user clicks on the probability will also change, you know love is Shanghai click principle, click more results will be search engine that this is the result of user needs, which can bring rankings to improve. I believe this point is a point of the Shanghai dragon most pursuit, it also gives us a great importance that we may not realize the picture in the content before today, no matter who is doing the content we have to consider the image integrity for an article. read more

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How to do web page optimization

2. title

page titleThe

in general in the title key words more weight for each keyword to the relatively less, for the optimization of our work is relatively difficult, so we don’t have too many words in the title, fine as far as possible.

4. title and weight adjustment



to change the title back there have been many ellipsis, Title Chinese characters appropriate, a Chinese characters equivalent to 2 characters, a punctuation is equivalent to a character, so that our title is less than 60 characters. read more

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Experience on the practice experience of Shanghai dragon transformation

there is love Shanghai each upgrade will be referred to the user experience, love Shanghai means to have the experience of users do not worry about the ranking, the ranking will not flow? Some of the user experience is divided into three parts: (1) the construction of the chain (2) part of the website structure (3) the content of the website. In fact, this is our old appearance, think about these in addition to what can be said for the ranking, in fact, the user experience is not more widely, but the way to transition. From the previous accumulation of keywords, to now the chain for the emperor, content is king, to love Shanghai advocate of so-called "user experience" era of love in Shanghai stage, mature, we are changing, that each change will be a cost, whether it is for love. read more

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Share love Shanghai keywords ranking unstable

love Shanghai ranking is not stable, the content is not stable, as mentioned above, if you fall in love with the sea first reprinted, included deleted, if you reprint the outdated information, love Shanghai or not included, or included after quickly delete, this is not like Google, we all know that Google included many more than love Shanghai. Because Google is generally not included after the deletion, which is why the love of Shanghai is not stable, a Google stable, the content included instability caused by the quality and quantity of content is relatively large impact on the website weight, love Shanghai has a character just included in the article, give a higher weight. In order to put out new content exposure, let more people know, generally a day to two days, the weight of the new content began to decrease, resulting in decreased keyword ranking. read more

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Bring the medical station consultation method!


of the patients will look down to know if love Shanghai, the long tail word our "(area) the hospital treatment of prostatitis is good to know the love of Shanghai in front of 80% of the patients will open the page, if the content is useful to the user, bring consulting opportunity is very large.

if the patient is not completely understood through knowledge words, online consultation will play a very good role.

brand promotion

bloggers think, should have love Shanghai bidding each hospital, because this is the most important way to the source of customers. read more

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Four factors maintain website optimization Website Ranking stable need to pay attention to in the pr

: a web site must ensure that there is a steady and fast server

The status of the !

in fact, there are many webmaster friends in the use of the space, the main reason is very simple, it is not for the record: foreign space (this is really no way to do, as we all know, now the domestic filing procedures more cumbersome than the previous two years, time-consuming is long; second) that is, fewer restrictions on foreign space (the building of a harmonious society needs.).

here, the author talks about the stable structure of the site, does not mean that we in the website optimization, website cannot be modified. Rather, we try to do, do not carry large range of changes to the site, but also not to frequent revision of the website. These practices is very unfavorable for the site’s ranking for read more

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