Shanghai Longfeng chain construction matters needing attention are what

third, Links exchange should be considered. Many webmaster exchange Links the other PR value of the site look very heavy, while ignoring other factors, this is a very wrong ideas and practices. Links exchange website to see each other website snapshot update frequency, website and chain number, number and site Links, a number of factors must be considered in which, for example, potatoes now have two sites can exchange Links, a website PR4, Links 50, and another website PR3, Links 20, this time with the PR3 website for absolute than with PR4 website to conversion, which involves the website output, which is of course in the two other site conditions, Links number difference under the assumption that exchange Links cannot only see the PR value, or see the website the chain, to a number of factors into consideration; read more

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Deep share teach you how to gain more resources in Shanghai Longfeng community!

obtained by AC Shanghai Longfeng experience of a friend more often than other ways to get stronger and more friends for a long time, everyone is to promote each other and learn from each other, even if everyone engaged in the same industry of Shanghai Longfeng, but the industry search terms is infinite, also do not have much competition. "Peer enemy" does not exist in Shanghai Longfeng industry.

is the work experience of Shanghai dragon fight to a certain extent, the problem most friends will ask "have you ever met? How to solve?". Each person’s experience is limited, which requires communication and exchanges, sharing your experience and ideas to share, mutual benefit. After the relevant problem can no longer cram, styled to ask around, they can easily solve, only to the point of Shanghai Longfeng we need more exchanges. Of course, to participate in exchange activities, there are more benefits, as well as festival to Shanghai dragon show this lovely industry for beginners. read more

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