Bogus bonuses County payroll goof leads to overpayments

first_imgTalk about a sweet payday.Clark County employees who receive their paychecks via direct deposit got a short-lived bonus this week when their pay was accidentally posted three times.Oops.Deputy Treasurer John Payne said Tuesday he doesn’t know yet how it happened. The treasurer’s office sends the payroll file to Bank of America, which disburses money to the various employees’ banks and accounts. “One of our questions is, ‘Why would you post three entries that had the same batch number and the same dollar amount?’” Payne said. He said the county’s working with the bank to sleuth out what happened. “I’m not throwing any blame at anyone right now,” Payne said. John Ingram, finance director for the county auditor’s office, which provides the treasurer’s office with the payroll information, said Tuesday that 1,745 county employees have direct deposit. A typical payday payout for those people would total $2.8 million, Payne said. Times three, that’s $8.4 million.In advance of paydays — employees are paid on the 10th and 25th of each month — the county withdraws money from its account with the state investment pool, Payne said.last_img read more

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