Noby Noby Boy a PS3 game from 2009 finally just ended

first_imgAfter Katamari Damacy rolled onto the scene and established its dominance, creator Keita Takahasi needed to flex his creative muscles — as if Katamari wasn’t creative enough. Whereas Katamari was a full, disc-based retail game, the follow-up IP, Noby Noby Boy, was an early PlayStation 3 downloadable title. It had the same aesthetics and zaniness of Katamari, but instead of rolling up every object in sight, the player character ate every object in sight, and stretched his body out to fit it all in. The game was collaborative, and players would “turn in” their stretched-out, junk-filled bodies — the length of which would add up and stretch across the solar system, unlocking new planets and maps in which to play. The goal was to wrap around the Solar System and get back to Earth where players began. The game released back in 2009, and the players finally just wrapped back around to Earth.Every BOY (the player character) could turn in their junk-filled bodies and their lengths were added to GIRL (the character stretching through the solar system). GIRL began her journey at Earth, stretching all the way out to Pluto, wrapping back around toward the Sun, then heading back to Earth to complete the journey.Originally, the developers expected players to reach the game’s first location after Earth, the Moon, in around one or two weeks of cumulative play time; players reached it in four days. Players made it to Mars around one month later on May 23, 2009, then the next big milestone, Jupiter, took until November 20, 2009. Saturn wasn’t reached until January 19, 2011, then Uranus was finally reached by the end of the year, sometime between Christmas and New Year’s. Neptune wasn’t reached until over two years later on March 6, 2014, then Pluto was finally hit last month on November 23. Players then made it to the Sun on December 14, 2015, and traveled through Mercury, Venus, and made it back to Earth on the same day. Check out the final sequence of the game below:Players weren’t playing on a PS3 the whole time — the game released on the App Store in 2010, but was pulled back in March of this year (though you can still play on PS3 for a $4.99 purchase). The reason why players were able to reach the Sun so quickly from Pluto was because the developers added a massive 2,000,015 score multiplier to help players finally reach the end of the game.It’s amazing that this game went on for so long, and that a subset of players remained loyal to achieve the final goal.last_img read more

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