Nintendo is developing a sleep and fatigue tracking device you dont wear

first_imgOne of the biggest tech growth markets this year has been wearables. Fitness and health monitors especially seem to be appearing from a growing number of companies, closely followed by smartwatches, although they seem to be more of a 2015 thing. Now Nintendo is entering the market, only it is typically taking a different approach.Nintendo has created a new healthcare division whose first product will be a device that both monitors your sleep and your level of fatigue. It makes sense to expect such a device to be a wearable, but it’s not. Instead Nintendo is producing a gadget that sits next to your bed and monitors you from a distance.That may sound limiting, but then this is Nintendo and if you think about it, a non-wearable monitor makes a lot of sense for them. Their core market is children, children who have parents concerned about their kids being exposed to too much tech while at the same time being very interested in their health. Nintendo is also a trusted brand. So a Nintendo-branded product parents can sit next to their child’s bed, much like a night light, which informs them about how well they are sleeping and how fatigued they are, could be a hugely popular device.Much like the Wii Fit, this monitor is an opportunity for Nintendo to sell a lot more Wii U and 3DS simply by linking the monitor up to the console and handheld with software. Compiling stats, setting goals, and even games related to sleep and rest all work, and Nintendo will surely roll out (or ship in the box) both Wii U and 3DS apps/games to compliment the monitor.Nintendo isn’t developing the monitor alone. Intelligently it has decided to partner with US company ResMed Inc. ResMed is an experienced provider of sleep medicine and non-invasive tech for managing sleep disorders. Taking their tech and working it into a mass-market consumer product could result in some interesting and novel health stats for families to pour over.We’re going to be waiting a while for this product to ship. Nintendo has said it wants to release before the end of the financial year ending March 2016. If we’re lucky we’ll get it Summer 2015, but this is new ground for Nintendo so you can understand why they aren’t settings a date just yet.last_img read more

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