St. Mary’s Pee Wee results Week 7

first_imgGirlsThe Hoyas defeated the Pirates 16-14. Kylie Skowronski scored 10 points, Katie Mulcahy 4 points and Kylie Galano 2 points for the Hoyas. Gracey Iszczyk scored 6 points, Tatyana Watson 4 points, Cara Hall and Megan Beebe each scored 2 points for the Pirates.The Blue Devils defeated the Lakers 22-12. Julia Hester scored 10 points, Shelia O’Neill 6 points, Gia Logan 4 points and Jada Stovall 2 points for the Blue Devils. Alexis Kamrowski scored 8 points, Lucia Rama and Ella Janeczko each 2 points for the Lakers. BoysThe Blue Devils defeated the Pirates 32-27. Savun Raparelli led all scorers with 20 points and Nolan Raparelli and Ian Geisler each added 6 points for the Blue Devils. TJ Santos scored 12 points, Anthony Novello 10 points, Sean Gasoirowski 3 points and Brandon Drago 2 points for the Pirates.The Knicks (won by forfeit) defeated the Hornets in a scrimmage 16-6. Justin Perez and Brayden O’Connor each had 6 points and Ryan O’ Connor and Tony Olacio each added 2 points for the Knicks. Angelo Squiteri had 4 points and James Riccio 2 points for the Hornets,The Lakers defeated the Hoyas 27-14. David Kobryn had 14 points, Agostino Petrillo 6 pints, Christian Szyskowski 5 points and Traysten Korpi 2 points for the Lakers. Jack Kelly scored 8 points and Luke Wilkins Eckert 6 points for the Hoyas.last_img read more

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