Many Canadians count on winning lottery inheritance for financial plan poll

TORONTO — One-third of Canadian respondents to a new survey admit their financial plans include counting on a future injection of good luck, either by winning the lottery or receiving a large inheritance.Meanwhile, the poll commissioned by Credit Canada Debt Solutions and Capital One Canada also finds that more than two-thirds of those asked have felt anxious or lost sleep thinking about their finances in the past year.Nearly two in ten, or 18%, of those polled say they believe winning the lottery will contribute to their financial plan, while one in 10, or 10% say they expect a large inheritance to help out.[np-related]Laurie Campbell, CEO of Credit Canada Debt Solutions, says it’s troubling to see so many Canadians putting more trust in the lottery than in sound financial planning.She adds that Canadians need to recognize there is no magic solution to being financially secure — just hard work and sticking to a budget.The survey comes as Canadian household debt sits at an all time high and other reports indicate many Canadians are realizing they have not saved adequately for retirement.The Canadian Press read more

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