Routine court proceeding reveals nothing in case of body in freezer near

ST. THOMAS – Samuel Waters’ routine court appearance went off without an accused, a lawyer or a hitch.And as it’s been for the last two months since a body was discovered in a freezer on a Port Burwell area beach along Lake Erie, not much more is known about the grisly discovery in May.The only person charged in the case is Waters, 22, described by his friends as “a nice guy,” who was arrested on one count of committing an indignity to a body.There was lots of hub-bub at the beginning. The body was discovered by a local resident on May 7 at the end of Lakeshore Line, east of Stafford Road in Elgin County.That prompted a heavy police presence while an OPP helicopter lifted the freezer, then the body from the bottom of the bluff.Water was arrested a few days later and after a brief stint in custody, he was released without a full-blown bail hearing on $3,500 no-deposit bail with one surety from Port Dover. He doesn’t have a criminal record.And a publication ban was placed on any evidence taken at the hearing.Since then, it’s been radio-silence from the police. The identity of the person found in the freezer remains unknown.There’s no hint of how long the body had been in the freezer and no immediate signal of any headway in the case.On Tuesday, Waters’ case was called and a St. Thomas paralegal, acting on behalf of Waters’ defence lawyer, asked that the case be put over to Aug. 20 “to receive and review disclosure.”Waters was not required to be there and he wasn’t. He is under a court order to stay out of Elgin County and specifically Port Burwell, unless it was for court-related business.OPP spokesperson Derek Rogers said the investigators “have nothing to say at this point” and could offer no new developments.Meanwhile, in the quiet tourist town of Port Burwell, there’s both curiosity about the incident, and frustration that there hasn’t been any answers.Tammy McCord, owner of Aunt Tammy’s Off the Hook restaurant, the only early morning coffee place in the community said there have been lots of rumours and stories, but the furor has died down.“It’s like old news. People aren’t saying a word anymore,” she said. “For a while right after, it was kind of the talk of the town. Now, people are like you. They’re just frustrated because there has been nothing said.”No one felt threatened by the situation, McCord said, but there is frustration that runs throughout the community about who the deceased is. No information has been released about gender or age.“Curiosity, right?” she said. “People are wondering who is it? Is someone local? Is it someone (from) far away? It’s probably someone we don’t even know.”“I’ve never heard a story at all of who it might be.”[email protected]/JaneatLFPress We want to hear from you Send us opinions, comments and other feedback. E-mail your letter to: [email protected] (no attachments please) Or go to Letters should be kept to 150 words. read more

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