Essaouiras Police Arrest Two Drug Dealers in Possession of 27 Kg

Rabat – Essaouira’s security elements arrested on Thursday two drug dealers in possession of about 27 kilograms of cannabis, reported Maghreb Arab Press (MAP).One of the Hashish dealers was arrested during a roadblock near Essaouira in possession of drugs. Further investigations led to the arrest of his accomplice, who held a significant amount of drugs in his home near the city of Essaouira. An operation conducted by security elements with the assistance of specialized police dogs allowed the seizure of 27 kilograms of hashish and the arrest of the second suspect. The amount of drugs seized during the operation were carefully concealed and distributed in different outbuildings of the defendant’s home. Eight kilograms of hashish were found in the form of 800 capsules. The police also seized a vehicle, a motorcycle, a geolocation device, a mobile phone and two cutlasses during the same operation.The arrested suspects were placed in custody under the supervision of the prosecutor’s bureau, while investigations are still underway to determine possible individuals involved. read more

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